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Photo Gear

Outdoor Gear
  • Arcteryx - these guys make the best clothing and outerwear!
  • Inov-8 shoes - I wear Roclite GTX for hiking, thin, lightweight minimalism while still protecting your feet.
  • Autohome Roof Top Tents - we have the Maggiolina and love it. Camping can’t get much better. Imagine camping but sleeping in your own bed - it is pretty close to that!
  • Spot personal locator - well worth the money for your family’s peace of mind.
  • Jet Boil - nice to throw in your bag for hot water on the spot in the middle of nowhere.
  • LED Lenser Flashlight - if you don’t have one, get one. These things are tiny but amazingly bright!

Five Finger Shoes - I’ve been happily running in five finger shoes for two years, trails, road, half-marathon.
Obsession Telescopes - we have an 18” Classic with Servocat Goto Drive, Argo Navis DSC, Featherlight Focuser, and some other neat customizations.  Get your astro geek on!