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Snow Day for Astro and Orion

It's been raining all week down here in SoCal, but snowing a lot up in the mountains. It finally started to clear up so we decided to head up to the snow and take Astro and Orion. Apparently, all of SoCal had the same idea so the roads up to Big Bear/Mountain High were jammed. So we decided to drive up to Mount Palomar instead (where the big observatory is south of Riverside and east of San Diego). Once we got down to the road up, there was a police cruiser there blocking the road because there were too many people up there already too and because the road conditions were "bad".

After looking on a map, we saw there was a dirt road going up the backside of the mountain called the Nate Harrison Grade and since we were in the Hummer, we decided to go up that way. The drive up was easy, and we passed almost no other vehicles on the way until we got to the snow line. Just about two miles into the snow, a 2wd pickup truck was stuck blocking the road, so we stopped just before it on a wide clearing of road that had a great downhill clearing. At first, Astro and Orion were a little freaked out and didn't know what to think and weren't sure what to make of the fact that their feet kept going through the top of the "ground" but after a few minutes, Astro started running around like crazy. Orion on the other hand stayed pretty cautious and didn't want to wander so far (see the picture of the concerned look on his face). Astro loved chasing after rolling snowballs and would leap downhill after them! I don't think she'll have any problems adapting to Wisconsin winters while Orion on the other hand, probably won't want to leave the house.

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