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Arches National Park

Yesterday I started my drive from Southern California to Minneapolis for my new job there. The last few weeks leading up to today have been unbelievably crazy, not just with moving things but it seems like more and more “things” started coming up as I got closer to May 9th (both work and personal that I can’t share here). But yesterday as I started driving, it all seem to dissolve away as the miles ticked by. It’s easy to forget what a vast and utterly beautiful country we live in when you’re stuck in the daily grind. I’ve been lucky to get to see almost all of it driving from here to there and back over the last 20 years. I’d much rather spend a few days driving than deal with the “convenience” of flying and all the “precautions” that come with it. It’s really kind of sad that it seems the days of family road trips are over. Very few people I talk to these days do that. With gas prices what they are, it might actually be cheaper to fly from here to there, but what you miss is what in between. The “in between” is beautiful - the rolling hills, farmland, mountains, abandoned buildings from long ago, and not to mention sunrise and sunset.
So back to my move - part of my job relocation includes expenses paid moving of my things and shipping of my vehicles. I could have just jumped on a plane and show up at my new home - rather, I chose to go see what’s in between…

Delicate Arch, Arches National Park, UT

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