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Sycamore Canyon trail run

Nice cloudy weather today with a cold drizzle the whole way. Started out at the Central Ave trailhead (just across the street from home) and ran up and over past the Pepsi bottling plant. Then East along the North side of the creek to the Chevron at I-215/Alessandro and back West on the South side. Crossed the gas pipe, past the burning nettles and back up and over to the Central Ave trailhead. 8.37mi at a nice 9:50min/mi average.


Mt. Rubidoux again

Its just such a convenient run that I keep going there. I just kept a good pace (8min/mi) going up and finished with a 7:08min/mi overall.


Mt. Rubidoux - a personal best!

Ran Mt. Rubidoux again today. It was a personal best for me on this run. The course is 3.88mi w/ 820ft elevation change. My time 27:02min (6:58mi/mi), beating my previous best by 2min. The hill is about comparable to the Torrey Pines hill in the La Jolla 1/2 Marathon so if I can add 4 1/2 miles on either side of this run, I'll be good for the race on April 22.


Santa Rosa Plateau trail run (10 miles)

On the way back from San Diego, ran at the Santa Rosa Plateau reserve today. Started out at the Visitors Center and ran out to the (dry )Vernal pools and back doing a loop around the perimeter of the park. Stayed on the East side of Tenaja and Clinton Keith roads. This may be one of the nicest trails I've run (well maintained) and the views are great. There is a $2 fee (voluntary per person) to use the area but the Visitors Center has a nice bathroom to use when it is open.


Mt. Rubidoux

Ran Mt. Rubidoux today doing the usual route just around sunset. There were more people out today probably due to DST making it light out later.


Mt. Rubidoux

Ran Mt. Rubidoux this morning from the trail entrance gate (4 miles). The DST time change threw me off a liitle but it was good to get our early since it is getting hot here (high should be 102F today).


Torrey Pines trail running

Went to Torrey Pines state reserve today for some trail running. Started out at the lower parking lot and ran up to and around the Guy Flemming loop then up the Beach Trail trailhead at the top. Ran down Razor Point trail to Beach Trail then up then Broken Hill and North Fork trails and then back down the road. 5.7 miles total. Starting to get crowded at the beach since there was no parking at the top lot.


Mt. Rubidoux run

Finally got a longer run in today. I started out from home and ran to Mt. Rubidoux (5.5 miles) and then up and down Mt. Rubidoux for just under 9.5 mi total. Made it to the top just after the sun set into the smog.


Sycamore Canyon run

Ran in Sycamore Canyon (Riverside) today. It was only a short (3.8 mile) run but boy is it hilly! Saw a small snake on the way but it wasn't a rattler. Too bad my Garmin watch was dead at the start of the run (so I had to get the distance from gmaps pedometer).

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