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Sheep Eater Bridge

Do you ever really notice how tall and narrow bridges are when driving over them? I don’t. Sure, you can look out over the sides and to the periphery but while you’re in a car, I don’t think you really ever notice just how “exposed” you really are. I only really notice this when walking out onto a bridge, getting halfway out and feeling the railing coming up waist high then looking down and back to the beginning and end - you get that feeling of Wow, this is way up/out here! This is the Sheepeater Canyon Bridge in Yellowstone near Mammoth Hot Springs, it made me feel this way.

Find it here:  44°57’32” N;  110°40’50” W


Emerald Pool at Black Sand Basin

Yellowstone has to be one of the neatest places in the US.  You could spend days exploring all there is to see here not to mention having Teton National Park right next door.  This is by far, my favorite place to take a road trip.  Isn’t it strange how so many people travel outside our country to see “beautiful places” and haven’t even explored their own backyard yet?

This is a photo of the Emerald Pool at Black Sand Geyser Basin.

Find it here:  44°27’40” N;  110°51’18” W


The Tetons Lay Beyond

I took this photo on the first day of our trip to Jackson Wyoming this summer.  This is very near the southern entrance to Teton National Park one of the most beautiful places I have ever been - you can’t go wrong taking a picture in any direction. This one is just outside a horse pasture at one of the first pull outs into the park.

Find this here:  43° 48’ 36” N; 110° 31’ 40” W