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this old house

I used to live in the Sierras, Mammoth Lakes to be exact for the winter season of 97-98.  The house we (me and 4 roommates) lived in was pretty rough.  A basic A-frame with no insulation between you and the roof - just exposed rafters, roof board, and shingles on top of that.  Heat was from a little wood burning stove in the corner which wasn’t too effective since we always seemed to have ice in the bathroom or kitchen.  Hey, I’m not complaining, it was cheap ($700/mo split 5 ways), I had a season pass, snowboarded everyday, and there was a sh*tload of snow but it was cold enough that you often had to sleep in your snowpants to stay warm!

Well that place had nothing on this one. This is one of two small abandoned buildings just off CA-395 north of the June Lake junction.  A big wide open valley with great views of the Sierras, I can see why someone would live here, but it must have been tough in the winter in a building like this, even when it was in good condition… 

Find it here:  37°53’57” N;  119°5’39” W