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a red barn in Klamath county

This barn makes its stand in southern Oregon.
My friend Dave and I were on a short road trip through southern Oregon wandering around fish hatcheries and small towns.  Dave was fly fishing while I was shooting some photos. Along the way we saw this peaceful scene of an old barn making its stand in a vast field.
I’ve mentioned before that I geotag all my photos.  I think it is super cool that you can see this barn on the satellite photos in Google Maps!  Guess I’m just geeky that way :)



see the light

Just a fun photo of an old soda machine in Wisconsin.

emissions nominal

My father-in-law used to have a car dealership and garage in a small rural town in Wisconsin.  As he was gettgin ready to sell the business, he had an auction to sell off much of the equipment.  There were so many cool old things, the geek in me would have taken it but where do you put it.  It was like being on a 60’s sci-fi set.  The gauges on this one caught my interest.  I used a tilt shift lens to get the front face in focus.

Find it here:  44°58’42” N;  93°15’32” W   (well maybe not anymore…)


tunnel vision

this was my first visit to New York and I was on a business trip for Target.  we stayed right down in Times Square which was great from a tourist standpoint but made for a little more of a challenge - it was central to where we needed to travel (Conneticut, Upstate New York, Long Island, and New Jersey) but not so easy getting in and out and parking.

I was able to get out a couple nights with my camera and spent most of my time in the Times Square area, up and down Broadway and 5th Avenues.  the sheer mass of humanity in this area is unbelievable.  i took this shot one night when i ventured down into the subway. 

Find it here:   40°45’20” N;  73°59’14” W   (well, under there somewhere)


this old house

I used to live in the Sierras, Mammoth Lakes to be exact for the winter season of 97-98.  The house we (me and 4 roommates) lived in was pretty rough.  A basic A-frame with no insulation between you and the roof - just exposed rafters, roof board, and shingles on top of that.  Heat was from a little wood burning stove in the corner which wasn’t too effective since we always seemed to have ice in the bathroom or kitchen.  Hey, I’m not complaining, it was cheap ($700/mo split 5 ways), I had a season pass, snowboarded everyday, and there was a sh*tload of snow but it was cold enough that you often had to sleep in your snowpants to stay warm!

Well that place had nothing on this one. This is one of two small abandoned buildings just off CA-395 north of the June Lake junction.  A big wide open valley with great views of the Sierras, I can see why someone would live here, but it must have been tough in the winter in a building like this, even when it was in good condition… 

Find it here:  37°53’57” N;  119°5’39” W



this is an old tank that I see every day as I leave my home and head towards the freeway.  It’s down in a hole and in a seriously overgrown and forgotten place not very far from a bunch of homes but I doubt many of the people who live there even realize that it is there.  It is a strange place for this tank as it is right near a creek but not anywhere near where it could have been for agricultural use since the surrounding area is very rocky and covered with large granite boulders.

just a hose

This photo came from inside one of the abandoned out buildings that I was poking through while down in San Diego for the terrier races.  I was in storage building filled with junk but a smaller portion was walled off in the back.  I went outside, ducked under a half closed door and found this fire hose piled in a corner of an otherwise empty room.

Find it here:  33°14’7” N;  117°1’23” W


The Old Rustic Mill

Took this picture on our last trip to Wisconsin.  This place used to be a feed mill, then a tavern, restaurant, closed for a while, then reopened as a restaurant in July.  Its on Hwy 54 just south of Black River Falls and just north of our property.  From the road, you wouldn’t even know there was a small waterfall behind the building and even when walking behind the building, at first glance you wouldn’t notice the old sluice pipe left over from the days when this old place had a waterwheel.  The waterfall was neat, but this old pipe was even neater, taking on a SciFi-esque steampunk character giving hint to some post-apocalyptic world where nature is taking back.

UPDATE -Fall 2011  it is now burned to the ground!

Find this here:  44° 16’ 12” N;   90° 52’ 29” W