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this is an old tank that I see every day as I leave my home and head towards the freeway.  It’s down in a hole and in a seriously overgrown and forgotten place not very far from a bunch of homes but I doubt many of the people who live there even realize that it is there.  It is a strange place for this tank as it is right near a creek but not anywhere near where it could have been for agricultural use since the surrounding area is very rocky and covered with large granite boulders.

The Old Rustic Mill

Took this picture on our last trip to Wisconsin.  This place used to be a feed mill, then a tavern, restaurant, closed for a while, then reopened as a restaurant in July.  Its on Hwy 54 just south of Black River Falls and just north of our property.  From the road, you wouldn’t even know there was a small waterfall behind the building and even when walking behind the building, at first glance you wouldn’t notice the old sluice pipe left over from the days when this old place had a waterwheel.  The waterfall was neat, but this old pipe was even neater, taking on a SciFi-esque steampunk character giving hint to some post-apocalyptic world where nature is taking back.

UPDATE -Fall 2011  it is now burned to the ground!

Find this here:  44° 16’ 12” N;   90° 52’ 29” W