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the flatiron

during my trip to New York, I left Times Square where we were staying in the alte afternoon and figured I’d wander down Broadway until sunset then turn around and head back. as I got down to somewhere about 25th, I could see this building down the way that looked oddly shaped and clearly different which I’ve since come to find out is a pretty well known landmark called the Flatiron building.

I took a short detour through a nearby park and made it to the building just before sunset. As you are walking up, you notice the roofline sweeps back making the building look like the bow of a ship coming up the street. It is a neat looking building no matter what angle you are looking at it from but when you get up close on the sidewalk just in front of it, the rest of the building nearly disappears behind the front curvature.

Find it here: 40°44’29” N; 73°59’22” W


tunnel vision

this was my first visit to New York and I was on a business trip for Target.  we stayed right down in Times Square which was great from a tourist standpoint but made for a little more of a challenge - it was central to where we needed to travel (Conneticut, Upstate New York, Long Island, and New Jersey) but not so easy getting in and out and parking.

I was able to get out a couple nights with my camera and spent most of my time in the Times Square area, up and down Broadway and 5th Avenues.  the sheer mass of humanity in this area is unbelievable.  i took this shot one night when i ventured down into the subway. 

Find it here:   40°45’20” N;  73°59’14” W   (well, under there somewhere)