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Hello Mary

While walking around downtown Minneapolis, I came across this statue of Mary Tyler Moore at the corner of 7th and Nicollet Mall.   It was cold and just started to snow and there was nobody around even though it was only 6pm.  Very strange, I thought people in Minneapolis didn’t mind the cold.

Find this here:  33°57’21” N 117°19’7” W


Transmissions From the Mothership

Night three in Minneapolis. I couldn’t come to town without photographing the reason I came here - Target HQ in downtown.  The colors at the top of the building are really cool - the only thing that would make it cooler is a giant King Kong sized Bullseye dog climbing up the top side!

Find this here: 44°58’24” N 93°16’32” W


Down the Skyway

Taken in the Minneapolis Skyway conecting the Graves 601 hotel to Target Center.This is only my second time to downtown MSP and I’m fascinated by how these Skyways go all over downtown like big hamster Habitrails.

Find this here:  44°58’46” N 93°16’31” W