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Dial it in

While walking down through Santa Monica, this panel and hydrant caught my eye.

Find it here:  34°0’57” N 118°29’39” W


Santa Monica Pier

It’s obvious where I took this photo. We were down in Santa Monica to run the Malibu International Marathon the next morning.  Its quite an interesting here with the mix of tourists, hippies, homeless, and well off people all in the same place.

Find this here:  34° 0’ 41” N; 118° 29’ 42” W


Hello Mary

While walking around downtown Minneapolis, I came across this statue of Mary Tyler Moore at the corner of 7th and Nicollet Mall.   It was cold and just started to snow and there was nobody around even though it was only 6pm.  Very strange, I thought people in Minneapolis didn’t mind the cold.

Find this here:  33°57’21” N 117°19’7” W


Venice Beach - Harry Perry

Taken during my first trip to Venice Beach, CA. Surprisingly, after all the time I’ve lived in Southern California, I’ve never been there.  We went there to look at modern design homes spurred on by some pictures we saw in a home architecture book.  I had heard that this place was “eccentric”, but walking down the boardwalk was more so than I had expected. This is a photo of Harry Perry a local street performing musician on inline skates.


Find this here:  33°59’23” N 118°28’34” W